Find diseases from users suffering for a specific disease


I trying to get all other DISEASES from users suffering for disease A.


I trying to get users suffering from some disease also suffer for other diseases:

class User
  has_many :treatments

class Disease
  has_many :treatments

class Treatment
  belongs_to :user
  belongs_to :disease

I have some working code:

Get all users ids who suffer for specific disease:

user_ids = Treatment.joins(:user).where(disease_id: 250).pluck(:user_id)

Get all diseases based on users ids

Disease.where("id != 250").where(id:"DISTINCT disease_id").where(user_id: user_ids))

Is there simpler way? Maybe one query?


EDITED: If you want to use one query, you could use this one:

select distinct from diseases as d1 
  JOIN treatments as t1 on 
  where exists (
    select from treatments as t2 
      where t2.disease_id = 250 AND t2.user_id=t1.user_id
  ) AND <> 250;

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