DateSelectEvent Is not recognised I am using Primefaces 4.0 with maven

I want to render weekEndingDate as saturday Date according to selected EmployeeJoing date but I am getting issue in DateSelectEvent

<p:outputLabel value="Employee Joining Date:MM/dd/yyyy" />
                <p:calendar value="#{employeeBean.employeeJoiningDate}"

                    id="ejoinDate" required="true" label="Employee 
Joining   Date">
                    <p:ajax event="dateSelect"  
update="weekEndingDate" listener="#{employeeBean.dateChange}"></p:ajax>
            <p:outputLabel value="Week ending Date" />
                <p:calendar value="#{employeeBean.weekEndingDate}"
                <f:convertDateTime pattern="MM/dd/yyyy"    type="date"   />

Here I am using inside Bean this method

        public void dateChange(DateSelectEvent event) {
            System.out.println("doing well in office");
            Date date = event.getDate();
            System.out.println("File Date: " + date);
            System.out.println("Hello... I am in DateChange");


If you are using newer version primefaces 3.5 or 4 then this event has been deprecated. Use this code instead.

public void onDateSelect(SelectEvent selectEvent) {
    Date date = (Date) selectEvent.getObject();
    event = new DefaultScheduleEvent("onDateSelect", date, date);

Also you can check the following link

Update ::

ajax code no change the event will remain as dateSelect do not change to select

<p:ajax event="dateSelect"  update="weekEndingDate" listener="#{employeeBean.dateChange}" />

public void dateChange(SelectEvent event) {
        System.out.println("doing well in office");
        Date date = (Date)event.getObject();}

should work fine. It is working fine in my application.

Here is another link for you to check

Another solution found as just for the knowledge that, if we process something except @this then also we can't get bean method,

public void dateChange(SelectEvent event){}

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