VideoJS progress event always 0 on Safari 5.1

I'm having this weird behaviour on Safari 5.1, while playing a video with VideoJS:

if I listen to the progress event:

var player = videojs('player_id', { 
    preload: 'auto'
    techOrder: [ 'html5' ]

player.on( 'progress', on_progress );

player.ready( function() { } );

I will only get value 0 in the callback:

function on_progress( event ) {
    console.log( 'buffered', player.bufferedPercent() );
    // it will log always 0


  • I can use only html5 player

  • I'm using mp4/h264 videos with fallback to webm and ogv

  • The code works on Chrome, Firefox and latest Safari

Any ideas?


Actually I've tried several video players and it looks like no one supports Safari 5.1.

These are the libraries i've tried with no luck:

Even says Safari 5.1 supports html5 videos but the reality is IT DOESN'T.

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