possible to return a http request from inside an actionResult?

Using an ActionResult: if everything goes well return new EmptyResult if something goes wrong throw an exception. However as not all code paths return a value I need to add some sort of return in at the bottom of the function. Preferably an http request...404 maybe.

What im trying to do is Run this function from a console app ad download the PLU records to a CSV file. This all works fine, but throws an error with the 'return'....any ideas welcome

public ActionResult GetPLUInfo()
            //CSV FILE of PLUs
            IEnumerable<PLURecord> listOfPLUs = _pluService.GetAll();

            using (StreamWriter outfile = new StreamWriter(@"C:\Users\Martin\Desktop\chocListWRITE.csv", true)) //true:  append text to a file with StreamWriter. The file is not erased, but just reopened and new text is added to the end. 
                foreach (PLURecord _plu in listOfPLUs)
                    string line = _plu.Serialize();



          return new EmptyResult();
            catch (Exception ex)

            //RETURN: How can i say here to return a http request error,
            //Using the ActionResult


You can set the Response.StatusCode to a valid http error like:

Response.StatusCode = 500;

Then you can let your error handling in the web.config handle what to do, redirect to a custom action of your own or just return the page.

Source So

As per this post you can return like this

return new HttpStatusCodeResult((int)HttpStatusCode.BadRequest);

You can just try this

catch (Exception)

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