matlab preview of live video and a circle reference at the centre of frame

I have used matlab's preview window in the following syntax:

figure('Name', 'My Custom Preview Window');uicontrol('String', 'Close', 'Callback', 'close(gcf)');  

I am able to successfully get the video stream. Now I want to have a small circle as a region of interest to return the average pixel value within this circle. I want this to be stored and named after a click of a button and recalled later for the further processing.

Could anyone guide me where I can start with?

Please note I dont want user to define ROI instead its always fixed as a small circle at the centre of field view. Whatever the colours comes within the circle I want mean values to be calculated and stored as a reference. Ps: I am not sure I am correct in calling ROI its simple circle in the field view


You might want to try using a Matlab gui instead of a simple figure. Then you could try something like this.

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