Not able to submit form in chrome through javascript

Form submission is working good on both IE and Firefox, but recently i tested my application on chrome. In that i found chrome is not submitting form, there are no error messages in chrome console, can u help me. i had gone through server answers , still i didn't get proper solution. here is my js code

<script type="text/javascript">

 function callModule(){


<form name="frmcheckUserDomain" action="" method="post">

// here is my form fields

 <input type="button" name="subBtn" value="Submit" onClick="callModule();" />


Try changing your callModule method to this...

 function callModule(){

Also, you will want to give your form tag an id attribute...

You could also access the form via index as well...

 function callModule() {

first of all why don't you use input submit button instead, like:

<input type="submit" name="subBtn" value="Submit" />

and if you have some stuff to do when the form gets submitted, you can use onsubmit event in your form.

And for your solution, you can pass it as an argument and then submit it:

<input type="button" name="subBtn" value="Submit" onClick="callModule(this);" />

your function:

function callModule(elm){

see, your code is working fine in my Google chrome. i think u have some issues with your browser or better u check the java Servlet configuration.

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