Initialise bs-timepicker with utc

I'm using the following code to create a timepicker (source: But I can't initialize the time. It keeps initializing local time while I want another. What am I doing wrong?


<input id="txtContrStartTimeTime" name="txtStartTimeTime" type="text"
       bs-timepicker data-show-meridian="false" data-minute-step="1"


$scope.time = new Date(546541685565); //somewhere in 1989
    console.log("time first", $scope.time);


I had to disable a default time being set and change $scope.time to "hh:mm" format.



$scope.time = new Date(new Date(546541685565).setMinutes(0));

As done in the plunkr of the widget:

EDIT: Actually it should work without setMiutes(0). Are you sure, you're setting the right model?

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