Using bassistance jquery-validator with formtowizard plugin

I'm using the FormToWizard Jquery plugin with this Bassistance validation plugin. I have attached my next button to a click event which validates my form however I only want it to validate the current fieldset not the whole form.

What formtowizard does is show one fieldset at a time and generate next and back buttons in each fieldset to browse around the form.

It goes like this:

<form id="SignupForm" method="POST" action="..................">
        <legend>Step One</legend>


    <legend>Step Two</legend>


And this is how i declared the bassistance validator

  $("").click(function() {

And I found this code from this already answered topic about the very same problem but it doesn't seem to work! Validate between fieldsets

He basically added a few lines of code in an existing FormToWizard plugin method.

function createNextButton(i) {
var stepName = "step" + i;
        $("#" + stepName + "commands").append("<a href='#' id='" + stepName + "Next' class='next'>Next</a>");

        $("#" + stepName + "Next").bind("click", function(e) {
            /* VALIDATION */
            if (options.validationEnabled) {
                var stepIsValid = true;
                $("#"+stepName+" :input").each(function(index) {
                    checkMe = element.validate().element($(this));
                    //stepIsValid = !element.validate().element($(this)) && stepIsValid;
                    stepIsValid = checkMe && stepIsValid;
                //alert("stepIsValid === "+stepIsValid);
                if (!stepIsValid) {
                    return false;

            $("#" + stepName).hide();
            $("#step" + (i + 1)).show();
            if (i + 2 == count)
            selectStep(i + 1,'next');

Any idea how to get this work? I am not a jquery/javascript pro since I am just starting, I am still trying to learn how the syntax work and why that person made those changes.


I found the error. I forgot to declare the variable validationEnabled. Adding that fixed the problem.

May give the fieldset an id like <fieldset id="validate"></fieldset> an use the id with your function : $("").click(function() { $("#validate").validate(); });

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