Replace single letter in mysql

How I can replace a single letter in any collumn / any row in selected mysql table? I found a solution but it works only with whole words. I has a problem with correct encoding, now I must fix those records. Replace in PHP will not work, it's over 50k records.

For example:

�wierk -> Świerk


Wizyt�wka -> wizytówka


You can effectively replace a certain character this way :

update <table> set <field> = replace(<field>, CHAR(<old ascii>), CHAR(<new ascii>))

It works also with special characters like VT vertical tab, ascii 21 and so on.

To get the ASCII value you can use ord()

$ascii = ord($char);

But first of all, I would ensure that it actually is wrong data you have in your table, and not just wrong encoding you get when you query.

have you tried mysql_set_charset('utf8') before you run your query?

well you can iterate through each letter of the string if its a string

$myString = "hello";

$length = strlen($myString);

for($a = 0; $a<=$length-1; $a++){
    echo $myString[$a]."<br>";
    if($mystring[$a] == '�'){
      /* do something  */

there are other ways too like explode()

use LOCATE() to locate letter and SUBSTRING() and CONCAT() to fix it.

SELECT Content,CONCAT(SUBSTRING(Content,1,LOCATE('�', Content)-1),"Ś",SUBSTRING(Content,LOCATE('�', Content)+1)) FROM Table

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