Angular: Add ngClick from js

I am developing small web page for mobile devices with Angular. I want to toggle click listener for whole page like


but in Angular way. And I don't want to use ng-Click with some conditions because most of the time the click should not work, it is just for error handling. Is it possible or I need to user pure js/jQuery?

Panel HTML:

<div class="alert error" ng-show="errorMessage">
    <div class="alert-text">{{ errorMessage }}</div>


I created a directive:
  • It should be used in conjunction with ngIf.
  • ngIf should refer to an assignable variable on the scope
  • For example don't do this: ng-if='myFunc()' or ng-if='var1 || var2'

here is a plunker:


app.directive('errorBox', function($document, $parse){
  return {
    link: function(scope,elm,attrs) {
      var clickHandler = function(){
        $'click', clickHandler);

      $document.on('click', clickHandler)


<div ng-if="errorMessage" error-box class="alert error">
  <div class="alert-text">{{ errorMessage }}</div>

You can add a $scope variable that keeps track if it's 'allowed' to click. Then you can do something like this

<div ng-click="isDisabled || yourAction()"></div>

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