Why won't my jQuery onChange event trigger?

I am having trouble with simple jquery. Here is my html.

 <label>Select User</label>
    <span class="field">
        <select name="selectUser" id="selectUser">
            <option value="">Choose One</option>
            @foreach (var item in Model.Users)
                <option value="@item.Id">@item.UserName</option>

Here is the script:

$('#selectUser').change( function() {    

now when i change the options in the select element nothing happens?


SelecUser was a typo, I fixed it and still No alert message.


Because your id is selecUser instead of selectUser

Try this

$('#selecUser').change(function() {    

you can try this as well

$('#selecUser').on("change",function() {    

first of all You need to change the id for selector. also you either need to write that code in documnet ready or use jquery on.Use:

$(document).on('change','#selecUser',function() {    

Your actual id is id="selecUser". Change it to selectUser

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