Perform focus after underlying data changes

reportingApp.controller('tradeController', function($scope) {
    $scope.trades = [
        //{ticker: 'AAPL', shares: 100, limit: 500},
        //{ticker: 'GE', shares: -400, limit: 600},
    $scope.addNewTrade = function () {
        console.log ('addNewTade executes');
            $scope.trades.push({ticker: "", shares: "", limit: ""});
           $("table tr:last td:first").focus();

The focus() function does not work, because at the time it gets to run, the html row has not changed yet. Where should I put my focus code?


Try my custom directive:

app.directive('customAutofocus', function() {
         restrict: 'A',

         link: function(scope, element, attrs){
             return scope.$eval(attrs.customAutofocus);
             },function (newValue){
               if (newValue == true){

Use it:

custom-autofocus="$index == trades.length-1"

Set the element focused when it's the last one.


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