Different Builds for the same application

I am developing a product for a client and I have a problem.

The application will be sold to various customers only changing the interface the same (images - images.xcassets).

What is the best way to manage this? I do not want to duplicate the project for each client, but a way to manage builds of each, and the only change will be the bundle id and images.

My project is IOS 6.1>

Thank you.


As Wain says, set up multiple build targets. Select your project in the navigator area, then select the current target in the list of targets, right click on it, and select "duplicate". That will create a new target that does exactly the same thing.

You'll need to change the bundle ID, app name, etc.

Then you would select your current asset catalog, select the view menu>utilties>file inspector and set the target membership to just the current target. Select your new target, add a new asset catalog, and set it's target membership to only include the file in the new target.

Repeat this process for each version of the app that you want to build.

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