Add Play Library to Maven Project

The Play Managing library dependencies docs explain how to configure SBT to use the Play library.

But, how can I add this library to a Maven project?

I'm trying to create a Java toJson method. I'd like to use Scala Play's JSON library to do the actual conversion to JSON work. I could just return a String in my Java method, but using the JsValue type would be stronger type safety.


The play json library is published to the typesafe maven repository as its own artifact. You can include it in your maven project like so:


where the current value of play.scala.version as of this writing is 2.10 and play.version is 2.2.1.

If you don't use a private central repository like nexus or artifactory, add the typesafe repository to your pom by adding the following at the top level:


To see a full example of a maven pom that includes more libraries from Play, look at the sample pom included in the play-pure-maven-plugin's repository. You do not need to use the maven plugin (of which I am the author) in order to make use of these dependencies.

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