How can I know which minimum MATLAB version is required to run a script/function?

I have written a MATLAB script/function: How can I know which minimum MATLAB version is required to run it? (without having to run it on different MATLAB versions)


If you have recently written it, hopefully the code is still fresh in your mind.

In this case I would recommend grabbing the release notes, and start reading backwards untill you find a new feature that you used.

For most of my code fragments the backwards compatibility stops at the point where ~ is not allowed as output, where sort only has one possible output argument. Or where rng did not exist yet. I would look into at least these points as they are quite significant changes.

If you are not willing to try a lot of runs for different versions: Just make a guess. If it runs on an old version, and on a new version, it is very likely that it will also run on all versions in between. If it is a one time question and the code is simple to run, but you just don't want to get an old matlab version, you could consider contacting Mathworks support and ask them to try it.

Sidenote: If you are only worried about the validity of the syntax, it may be sufficient do dig up old mlint versions rather than full installations?

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