pl/sql collection/object update

I have these declared at the schema level

create or replace type "myobj" as as object
( var1 varchar2(10), var2 varchar2(10) );

create or replace type memtable as table of myobj;

In my procedure, I have

mytable memtable := memtable();

for loop_index in 1 .. 1000000
     mytable(loop_index) := myobj('blah', null);
end loop;

That works if i want to select from the table, i could do

select * from table(mytable) where var1 = 'abc';

That works fine too.

Now I want to update var2 in all those million objects, how would I do it using update statement

update (select * from table(mytable)) set var2 = '123' where ....

That doesn't work...compiler is complaining with ORA-0904 invalid identifier at mytable

Any idea how I would do it? Appreciate any help. Thanks.


Maybe the DML must have one "real" table at least. Try this one:

CREATE GLOBAL TEMPORARY TABLE TT_memtable (val memtable) 

then in your code:

insert into TT_memtable (val) values (mytable);    
    (select * from TT_memtable natural JOIN table(val)) 
set var2 = '123' 
where ....

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