JPA 2.0 & MySQL are not respecting case sensitive table names

I have a strange issue my ear project: I have put the correct annotations on my entity class:

@Table(name = "PRODUCTS")

But when I deploy my application on glassfish, I find that JPA has created the tables with lowercase chars

I am using EclipseLink 2.4.1

Please Help me.


I got the solution from Brian Vosburgh's comment: In the windows version of MySQL the names of table are set to lower case. On linux, by default, this configuration is disabled, and the tables'names set by JPA are applied to MySQL without modification.

To make it working on windows as like linux, add the line:


Thank you for your help, specially Brian Vosburgh

I found a property the makes all the difference. In the EclipseLink wizard (generate entities from tables), third page (Customize Defaults), I checked the "Always generate optional JPA annotations and DDL parameters" option. This option writes the below annotation in the Entity class:


The correct table name letter case will be used.

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