Continuous Sum Function

I am trying to make a simple sum function that sums until I hit a blank cell. I am not sure why it is not working. I am trying to sum currency and have the output be a currency as well. So far I have:

Function SumContin(X)

Dim Ro As Long
Dim Col As Long
Dim Ro1 As Long
Dim Col1 As Long

Ro = Application.WorksheetFunction.Row(X)
Col = Application.WorksheetFunction.Column(X)

Do While Cells(Ro, Col) <> ""
Sum = Sum + CInt(Cells(Ro, Col))
Ro = Ro - 1

End Function



Follow up from comments:

Can I make the function where it will be =SumContin() and it starts from the cell above?

Function SumContin()

    SumContin = 0

    On Error Resume Next
    With Application.ThisCell
        If .Row = 1 Then Exit Function
        If .Offset(-1) = "" Then Exit Function
        SumContin = Application.Sum(Range(.Offset(-1), .End(xlUp)))
    End With

End Function

Note: since code using Application.ThisCell, function will work only in case when you call it from worksheet: =SumContin() and won't work if you call it from any code

A UDF for this seems overkill given that in the A provided the requisite range has to be keyed in anyway. A running total something like =SUM(A$1:A1) and double-clicking on the fill handle may be more convenient at times.

It would be most efficient to just define the range withing the UDF based on the cell passed, and then use the WorksheetFunction.Sum command.

Here's one way:

Function SumContin(X As Range)

SumContin = WorksheetFunction.Sum(Range(X.Address & ":" & X.End(xlDown).Address))

End Function

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