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I have a site with a really old version of Joomla, upgrade it or not is not my decision, so I have to work with this version (1.5.15). The problem is on the site, the home page it's ok, loads all css and js, but when I access to another menu item I get: 404 Component not found, but the component exists, and also the url to access to resoruces (css, img, js, etc) is not correct, for example this is the url, the url of resources is like /plugins/system/rokbox/themes/light/rokbox-style.css, when I access to another menu item the url is like What can I do? Why is this happening?


There are several options to consider:

  1. Someone made a mistake: and changed the SEF configuration, maybe they just disabled SEF or routing or changed the .htaccess;
  2. Someone attacked your site: pretty easy with your Joomla version.

In either case if you lack documentation or information you need to explore the differences, just load a working backup on a folder i.e. working_backup on the same server and run a diff:

diff -qrwbBE working_backup public_html

This will give you a list of different files, if there are none, go check the plugin configuration maybe a plugin was disabled such as SEF, else open them and see what changed.

If you do not have a working backup, download Joomla 1.5.15 from the Joomla version history site and run the same command, you will get a longer list including any 3rd party extensions; but it's reasonable that the issue lies with core Joomla or a SEF extension, it will be easy to pick it up.

Remember to clear the cache: the error may no longer be there but be cached, and the site might lack permissions to update the cache.

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