Configure and host website on VPS Server?

It's the first time that I owned a VPS server(provider is

I have googled out about it but no luck and not sure how to configure and host website.

I've worked on my website for a while and now it's time to let it go for online test. I have a VPS and a domain.

I am familiar with cPanel but constan's support team says that cPanel not supported on windows os server. Is that normal?

Therefore, I need to connect remotely through Remote Desktop.

  1. Do i need to install Visual Studio and MS SQL Server on VPS? If so, how's it possible?
  2. Can i install cPanel on windows based VPs server?
  3. What i need to do to configure and host my website with my owned domain on virtual server?

Any guides and suggestions would be appreciated.



  1. You dont need to install Visual Studio unless you are planning to code on it. You can still use your local installation and upload updates from there. If your project needs SQL then you should install it on the VPS. As an option you can use dedicated SQL hosting at additional cost or Windows Azure SQL.
  2. Yes you can install cPanel or such if cPanel not supported (like anything else) but I dont think you need. Thechnicaly a VPS allows you to do same things you can do on any phisical server. And your hoster gives you local admin rights. So you dont need any hosting panels in addition to OS tools you already have.
  3. It is very depends from what your project needs. You might need to configure IIS server on that VPS. You need to setup DNS record to allow users to use domain name instead of IP (use your domain registrar panel). You also might want to install Microsoft Web Deploy which will help you to deploy your project directly from VisualStudio. If you plan to use SSL, you will need to get a cert and install on your VPS and setup IIS to work with. There is nothing super special than you wont be able to do. So congrats with your first VPS and good luck!

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