How to handle special chars in email subject?

I am using the Swiftmailer in my Symfony2 webapp.

// Subject and body dynamically come from database
$subject  = "This is my subject with an apostroph ' in it.";
$bodytext = "Test text, also with an ' apostrophe in it.";

$message = \Swift_Message::newInstance()



Now when there is a special char, e.g. the apostrophe (') in my subject, the email has a strange subject line in my email client:

This is my subject with an apostroph ' in it

Funny thing: The body text is displayed correctly, it's only the subject that's wrongly formatted.

Now how can I handle special chars like this - and even better, is there a function I can call before passing the subject that handles special chars in general?


Try to escape the subject with the htmlentities PHP function:

$subject  = htmlentities("This is my subject with an apostroph ' in it.");

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