Simulink difference between load_system and open_system

I have a Simulink model that calls a script in the InitFcn of the Model callbacks. This script initializes a bunch of variables in the base workspace so that they can be used by the Simulink model. When using Classes, I found that using the load_system function will make Matlab crash and the open_system function will work just fine.

Here the Class:

classdef simulinkModel
        model = '';
        function obj = simulinkModel(modelName)
            obj.model = modelName;
        function openModel(obj)
            % Make sure any previously open model are closed, and open the model.
            if bdIsLoaded(obj.model)
            %load_system(obj.model) % Matlab crash
            open_system(obj.model) % Matlab run the model correctly
        function closeModel(obj)
            close_system(obj.model, 0) 
        function runModel(obj)

And in the command window:

objModel = simulinkModel('test');

So how comes it crashs with the load_system vs the open_system? Is there something that the open_system function do with the base workspace that the load_system function doesn't do?


I decided to try running simple commands outside of the class to see if the problem is elsewhere. So typing in the command window:


When executing this in the command window, Matlab will also crash. So I'm starting to wonder if the model callbacks are not executed when the load_system function is called.


I can confirm there is indeed very different behaviour between load_system and open_system. I am currently debugging a weird problem under 2015b to be, and I just realized the LoadFcn callback of my simulink models is not called when I use load_system, but is is called properly when I use open_system. I don't know that this is documented anywhere. I find this callback name misleading if it is not called when you "load" the system !!! If I find more info, I will post back on this thread.

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