Multi-nested ui-views

Here's my config:

  state('frontPage', {
    url: '/',
    templateUrl: 'index.html',
    controller: 'MainCtrl',
    onEnter: function() {
  state('frontPage.interestGame', {
    url: 'interest',
    templateUrl: 'interest-game/index.html',
    controller: 'GameCtrl',
    onEnter: function() {
  state('', {
    url: ':platform',
    templateUrl: 'interest-game/game.html',
    controller: 'GameCtrl',
    onEnter: function() {

I am able to go to / and /interest and the templates, controllers, and onEnter functions all run as expected. However when I go to /interest/anything it fails to load my templates. It's simply an empty page with no console.log errors... I see that all my scripts were loaded as expected so I know that it's not a server issue... Perhaps I'm misunderstanding how the nested states work...?


I believe each url state entry has to start with a leading /. Try changing :platform to /:platform.

You do indeed need that leading / before :platform, otherwise it would be interpreted as /interest:anything (no slash in between).

Also, interest-game/index.html should contain a <div ui-view></div>.

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