Php if statement with and

this IF statement doesn't work, can you explain me why ? I tired many combinations and any helped me. Thanks!

if($uptime > 99.98 and $uptime < 99.00)


There is no number less than 99 that is also greater than 99.98.

You probably want this:

if($uptime < 99.98 and $uptime > 99.00)

You are searching a old man having age less than that of his own child.

The number in between doesn't exists.

Make sure what is your logic. It looks like you want $uptime in between 99 and 99.8


if($uptime > 99.00 && $uptime < 99.98)

And yeah, try debugging your code. See what value you are getting on $uptime by:

echo $uptime;

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