TileMill with non map images

I'm building a web app that will use the tiling, zooming, marker and other functionality associated with map applications, however i dont need to use all this Geolocation and other stuff that TileMill requires as my application will be loading medical images not maps. Is it possible to import a custom image into TileMill? If so how? Maybe TileMill is completely unsuited to my specific application, if so could someone suggest an alternative?


Have you had a look at one of these?

Both libraries include scripts to generate all the tiles from the original photos and JavaScript libraries to display these on a web page.

It is doable but Tilemill is probably an overkill what you're looking for. Simple plugins like the ones mentioned by @thisguyzaphod could do the trick. If you're looking to use featureful state of the art tile zooming, I would go with Leaflet.js it can be specifically used for non-geographic content like this page documents:


You can probably find some other valuable pointers here: Is Leaflet a good tool for non-map images?

Good luck!

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