How to create a xib file with a smaller view?

Can I design a View smaller than the complete iPad screen size with UI Builder in xCode 4 ? If so, how ?

I need to design a small View I'm going to use multiple times in the same main UIView. I would like to design it with UI Builder, and then load it from xib.

But when I create a new xib file, the view size is always the iPad size.. thanks


When you create a new view, simply select the "Empty" option, rather than the View option.

You can then drop a UIView on it - the difference being that you can re-size this view via the Size inspector (the little ruler icon) within the utilities pane. (The one on the left.)

In Xcode 5, change Size to Freeform, under Simulated Metrics in the Attributes Inspector

Select view(UIView I must say) then go to Attributes inspector pane and change Size to Freeform by which we can adjust view size now.

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