Types$TypeError: bad > symbolic reference

I ran into the following compile-time error on my Scala and Java code-base with the maven-scala-plugin.

[ERROR] Caused by: scala.reflect.internal.Types$TypeError: bad symbolic reference. A signature in Json.class refers to term iteratee

Note that I had manually installed the play_2.10-2.1.5.jar from the Typesafe repo as my added Maven dependency (explained here) did not work.

There's a play_iteratees library available from the same repo, but I don't want to blindly keep adding dependencies before understanding what's wrong.

Looking at a similarly worded error, I've already run mvn clean before trying to compile.


Adding the play-iteratees JAR with the same version as my play JAR fixed the issue.

TypeSafe repo: http://repo.typesafe.com/typesafe/releases/play/play-iteratees_2.10/

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