Connection to MySQL on server via ODBC

I'm writing a desktop application (in Delphi). I would like to connect to MySQL database on a server. Up till now I tested my application using MySQL installed on my local computer. I used ODBC connector and all tests went successfully. Problems have started when I tried to connect database on server via ODBC. I'm getting connection failed message all the time and I cannot do anything.

Please tell me, how should I connect to this MySQL?


By default, mysql listens for incoming connections on port 3306. Use can use telnet to test if a networking problem or firewall is preventing you from connecting to the server that MySQL is running on, using the following command:

telnet 3306

If successful, you should see that it connects, followed by some encrypted gibberish from MySQL. If it doesn't connect, then the problem is a firewall, a networking problem, the MySQL server is unreachable, or something else blocking the connection.

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