localsettings.properties : How to use its properties for JTest configuration?

I'm trying to learn about the Maven Parasoft plugin, for JTest.

Full name for version 3.12 : Parasoft:maven-parasoft-plugin:3.12:jtest

First, except Apache website, I didn't find any tutorial about this plugin. I Wonder if i'm using bad keywords in my Google research. So I would be so pleased if somebody helps me by some links.

Well, reading in the Apache website this doc : http://build.parasoft.com/docs/maven-parasoft-plugin/jtest-mojo.html I try to imagine how the file localsettings.properties looks like.

In the table, I find the localsettings parameter and they say that it :

reads the local setting file for global preferences, such as Report Center, email, and Team Server settings Default value is: ${project.basedir}/localsettings.properties.

This is interesting. But I can't see much how I can use the properties which exist in this file.

For example, let's suppose that I have in this file the following key-value :


How can Parasoft understand that the key my.company.parasoft.server.address means the address of our company's parasoft server? I don't see any parameter (idem tag) to do something in pom.xml like this :


... or by maven command line :

... -DconcertoAddressTag=%my.company.parasoft.server.address%

Or maybe that the keys should have an exact name to be recognized automatically??

Note : Any useful information about this plugin will be so appreciated.

Thank you so much!


localsettings.properties is Parasoft own format containing set of predefined key-value pairings, which enable configuring your local environment, setting up reporting options, task assignments, licensing details and more.

You can find a list of keys and values which can be recognized by the tool in Parasoft Jtest User's Guide.

Generally those options are supposed to be stored in a separate file either locally or on your Concerto server (more information here).

Still, if you'd like to extend list of options imported from Concerto in your pom.xml file, you can do it by explicitly entering key-value pairings, preceeded by additionalProprties tag decribed here.

Please also take a note that there's not much you can do with Parasoft Jtest Maven plugin without having a licensed copy of the software itself set up locally or remotely (more information here).

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