Using Maven SmartSprites With Sass

I'm using SmartSprites with SCSS.

SmartSprites requires that Sprite Reference Directives must look like so:

background-image:url('image.png'); /** sprite-ref: mysprite; */

In other words, I need comments at the end of my background-image declarations in my compiled CSS file, but none of the four output_styles of Sass allow this to happen. After compiling:

:nested or :expanded

/** sprite-ref: mysprite; */


.selector { background-image:url('image.png'); /** sprite-ref: mysprite; */ }



Under any of these settings, running Maven to generate the sprite with SmartSprites reports a build failure.

The solution must...

  • adhere to SmartSprite's formatting requirements (i.e. have comments at the end of the same line)
  • work automatically (no manual action required for formatting)
  • not be specific to any single text-editor
  • not abandon SCSS (because cavemen do otherwise)


Use the maven-replacer-plugin to format the stylesheet during the Maven build process.

In pom.xml, insert the following inside maven-replacer-plugin's <executions>:

                <value>; /\*\*</value>

Ensure that the filepath in <basedir> is correct and the <phase> is set to a phase in the Maven Lifecycle that occurs before SmartSprites is run. process-sources is pretty ideal, so it may not have to be changed.

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