Creating a table which can auto update if some column in other table got changed

I have created two tables in postgresql say a and b. So what i want if i change data in table 'a' data in table 'b' automatically got updated at the same time. Or if data in table be such that b.salary= 2000+x where x is variable and it will be passed to table. If any one of the problem get solved i can carry out my work further. Thanks in Advance



   value integer

CREATE FUNCTION test.value_calc(_arg integer) RETURNS integer AS
   C_MODIFIER CONSTANT integer = 1000;  -- ;)
   RETURN _arg + C_MODIFIER;  -- there you can put any logic

CREATE VIEW test.y AS SELECT x.value, test.value_calc(x.value) AS modified FROM test.x AS x;

INSERT INTO test.x VALUES (543);

SELECT * FROM test.y;

value| modified -----+---------- 543| 1543

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