RequireJS skip certain files during optimization

I using requirejs, roptimizer, and grunt to run the tasks to optimize my angularjs application.

I'm building all my js's to one file for the time being using the following config:

    name: 'main',
    out: 'app.min.js',
    insertRequire: ['main'],
    wrap: true,
    separateCSS: true,
    mainConfigFile: 'main.js',
    preserveLicenseComments: false,
    optimize: 'uglify2',
        mangle: false
    include: ['lib/require/require']

I also use a grunt task called html2js to compile all my HTML templates for angular to JavaScript to save downloads in production.

Problem is when I include these files in my build the optimizer messes them up and they no longer run correctly. The way its setup I need them to be dropped in after angularjs but before anything else.

Including the files after my app.min.js file in the HTML page also does not work because I have to register the module like: app.requires.push('templates-main');

Is it possible to have r-optimizer skip this file during optimization but still include it in the app.min.js file?


In the require build config, add the filename followed by 'empty' like:

 compile: {
     options: {
         paths: {

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