mvn java:exec with increased memory

I use "mvn exec:java" to run my program:

mvn exec:java -Dexec.mainClass="..." -Dexec.args="..."

I didn't find to change the maximum memory allocation to the JVM.

I tried -Dexec.commandlineArgs="..." but that didn't work...


<commandlineArgs> (or -Dexec.args when given in the CLI) is for specifying the arguments given to the program, not the JVM.

As exec:java executes a Java program in the same VM as the Maven one, just change the Maven JVM memory settings (so MAVEN_OPTS) to get more memory for your exec:java command.

You can use exec:exec to run java in separate process. Then you can specify any arguments (including -Xmx). See for more details and for an example .

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