How can I tell what phase a plugin will run in?

I'm using a plugin in my pom that looks like this:

                    <!-- check for the latest version -->

And I'm wondering, if I run package will this plugin run or is it during site or something else? Is there an easy way to tell by looking at this, or do I have to either

  1. Read the plugin documentation
  2. Experiment through trial and error

I'm hoping there's an easier way. I'm using intellij-idea, if that provides a means I'd be happy with that. Assuming I can't tell without one of these two methods, is it a best practice to always define the phase in the pom so that I can save myself and others time in the future?


You can let maven print out informations regarding the plugin using mavens help plugin - for enunciate simply use the following command:

mvn help:describe -Dplugin=org.codehaus.enunciate:maven-enunciate-plugin -Ddetail

It has actually 6 goals bound to different phases - goal docs will be bound to process-sources-phase

To only extract the goal you are interested in you can furthermore use the following command:

mvn help:describe -Dmojo=docs -DgroupId=org.codehaus.enunciate -DartifactId=maven-enunciate-plugin -Ddetail

You could also omit the -Ddetail part, but it won't give you then any information on the phase it is running.

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