Parse and storing objects locally on iOS device

I'm creating an iOS application that has a Twitter-like feed of data. I'm currently planning on storing the data on Parse. However, what is the most efficient way to store retrieved objects locally for use when there does not exist a network connection? It sounds like using Core Data is overkill since I'm storing the data on Parse anyway. Can the Parse caching system do this for me or is there something else more appropriate? On a similar note, is there a simple way to check if this locally saved data is up-to-date?


Parse has the capability to cache objects locally. If your app can tolerate the characteristics of caching, then just use that.

My own app will not, so I am using CoreData as my local store. My app has to be able to operate fully when disconnected from Parse, so I have to have something more than cached data. I looked at FTASync and found the concept very useful. When I got into the code though I realized I needed something much more robust, so I have ended up doing a completely new utility to sync Parse with CoreData. This is a huge job, so don't take it on unless your need is commensurate.


I recommend you have a look at SQLite, especially with the FMDB Objective-C wrapper classes.

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