Bamboo Generic Build Plan

I have very many small projects(~100) which I wish to use bamboo to build and deploy to nexus. Rather than creating 100+ build plans in bamboo is there a way for one build plan to monitor our single source repository(say git) detect changes in one of these projects(generally just one file), checkout this one file and run a generic script on this project?

If this is not possible is there a means of programmatically generating these build plans rather than using the bamboo gui


One way is to use either maven or gradle to run all your tests and upload the archives for you. Assuming your child programs are Foo, Bar

In gradle - Example -

======== GRADLE

At the root define build.gradle which holds your dependencies, define settings.gradle and just have the following line

include 'Foo', 'Bar'

For your child projects - they can optionally have their own build.gradle scripts

======== MAVEN

In maven - Example -

You declare a simple parent at the root and then define modules like so


For each of your program you define your pom and identify using <artifactId>Foo</artifactId>

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