Can BizTalk publish a single one and two way web service?

I am publishing a WCF service, using schemas not orchestrations, and using the BizTalk 2010 wizard. Some of my methods are one way and others are request/response. I finished the wizard successfully, published the services (hosted in IIS) and things were going fine until I went to import the bindings to my app.

There is only one Port, and one receive location connected to it, and its URI is something like /BizService.FTW/BizService.svc. The receive Port is marked as two way, so I can't bind my orchestrations that are one way to it. You cant have two receive locations pointed to the same URI, so my question is this; did the Wizard pull a fast one on me or is there a way to publish one and two way methods in a single service? If there is no way(using the wizard to do it) can I at least have two services (say at /BizService.FTW/BizService.svc and /BizService.FTW/BizServiceRR.svc ) coming from the same Web App?


Yes, but BizService and BizServiceRR would be two separate 'services'.

However, for the one-way Orchestration, did you consider Direct Binding and setting up a Filter for that particular message type?

I'll recommend you publishing two biztalk services (one-way and two-way ones). And build a WCF service, that will route requests to Bzt. services, based on request schema.

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