scatter plot for fisher iris

I want to create a visualization with scatterplots of each pair of features in the Iris dataset - sepal width,sepal length,petal width, petal length. Also I need to define a class label to show which type of iris each one is (Setosa, Versicolor and Virginica).

I am new to Matlab, and do not know how to make such scatterplots. Could you please help me?

Thnks in advance


Presuming you have the Statistics Toolbox, you should use gscatter for grouped data.

For each pair of data you will need to callgscatter(x,y,group) - you can use additional inputs to control exactly how the data is plotted (colors, legend, etc.) - see the help file.

For the fisheriris data set, your x and y are the two measurements you're comparing (from meas), and the group labels are in species.

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