How to display number of rows in a Google worksheet in the Chrome Tab icon (email notification style)

I'm a novice so please explain it like I'm 5.

I would like to know when a new entry is made into a shared google worksheet.

I have the worksheet pinned in my Chrome session and thought the best way might be a count in the tab icon showing the row count - if this Changes I have a new entry.

The Worksheet has multiple tabs but I am only concerned with one of them, and entries will be made one line at a time.

Open to any other solutions that would alert myself and my team to new entries in the sheet.

Hope this is clear.

Thanks, Ken.


If you're new to programming, creating an extension that tracks a Google sheet might be too advanced because of the OAuth2 API and other Google Data APIs that would be needed.

If you just want a notification, you can use this method for setting up email notifications from the sheet itself. I would then set up a filter in your email client to grab those notification emails and put them in a folder so you can see the count.

If you're okay with using third-party services, If This Then That ( is a great way to set up triggers for many different services, including Google Docs.

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