How to use dplyr for programming

I like dplyr for data manipulation, but I don't understand how to use it for programming. For example, to rescale some variables, we could do:

mutate(cars, speed.scaled = scale(speed), dist.scaled = scale(dist))

Very cool. But now suppose I want to write a function that uses mutate to scale all variables in a data frame. How do I create the ... argument? The best thing I can come up with is something like:

fnargs <- lapply(names(cars), function(x){call("scale",})
names(fnargs) <- paste0(names(cars), ".scaled"), c("cars"), fnargs))

Or is there an alternative interface that is more programming friendly?


Easy peasy: use mutate_each(cars, funs(scale)) or apply(cars, 2, scale).

This can be done in base R like this:

cars.scaled <-


cars.scaled <- replace(cars, TRUE, lapply(cars, scale))


cars.scaled <- cars
cars.scaled[] <- lapply(cars, scale)

The first one above can be translated to work with %>% like this:

cars.scaled <- cars %>% scale %>%

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