Update Shinygooglevis chart without full reload

Is it possible to change the data of a googlevis chart (any of them!) without forcing a full reload of the page/chart?

Current code that gives a very undesirable flicker when the map is being reloaded:

shinyServer(function(input, output, session) {
        invalidateLater(update_freq*1000, session)
        data <- loadDataFiles()
        output$gvis <- renderGvis(mapPlot(data)) //mapPlot returns a new gvisGeoChart

Ideally I'd just reload my markers, not the chart itself.


The googleVis Shiny bindings need to be rewritten to fix this problem. In the meantime I have prototyped some ideas here that you might want to check out; you can install it using devtools::install_github("jcheng5/googleCharts") and see the example here. It is pretty rough but you won't get the flickering and instability that currently occurs with googleVis + shiny.

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