Server unavailable error on calling Payment.Create in PayPal sdk

I downloaded the Paypal SDK for C# and am trying to create a basic payment in my mvc app. I'm running the exact code mentioned in the paypal dev site, but am getting an error (stack trace below). I'm able to get an access token so I'm assuming the app is able to communicate with the endpoint, but not sure why it complains in the Payment.create method. This is the first time I'm using mvc so am a little confused about what I could be doing wrong and would really appreciate any help :)

My Web.config file has this section:

      <add name="endpoint" value="" />
      <add name="connectionTimeout" value="360000" />
      <add name="requestRetries" value="1" />
      <add name="ClientID" value="xyz" />
      <add name="ClientSecret" value="abc" />

Stack trace:

PayPal.Exception.PayPalException was unhandled by user code   HResult=-2146233088   Message=Exception in HttpConnection Execute: Invalid HTTP response The remote server returned an error: (503) Server Unavailable.   Source=PayPalCoreSDK   StackTrace:
       at PayPal.PayPalResource.ConfigureAndExecute[T](Dictionary`2 config, IAPICallPreHandler apiCallPreHandler, HttpMethod httpMethod, String resourcePath)
       at PayPal.PayPalResource.ConfigureAndExecute[T](APIContext apiContext, HttpMethod httpMethod, String resource, String payload)
       at PayPal.Api.Payments.Payment.Create(APIContext apiContext)
       at PayPal.Api.Payments.Payment.Create(String accessToken)
       at Requext.Controllers.EventController.CreatePayment() in c:\Users\Ishan\Source\Repos\\Requext\Controllers\EventController.cs:line 169
       at Requext.Controllers.EventController.Test() in c:\Users\Ishan\Source\Repos\\Requext\Controllers\EventController.cs:line 95
       at lambda_method(Closure , ControllerBase , Object[] )
       at System.Web.Mvc.ActionMethodDispatcher.Execute(ControllerBase controller, Object[] parameters)
       at System.Web.Mvc.ReflectedActionDescriptor.Execute(ControllerContext controllerContext, IDictionary`2 parameters)
       at System.Web.Mvc.ControllerActionInvoker.InvokeActionMethod(ControllerContext controllerContext, ActionDescriptor actionDescriptor, IDictionary`2 parameters)
       at System.Web.Mvc.Async.AsyncControllerActionInvoker.InvokeSynchronousActionMethod(ControllerContext controllerContext, ActionDescriptor actionDescriptor, IDictionary`2 parameters)
       at System.Web.Mvc.Async.AsyncControllerActionInvoker.<>c__DisplayClass42.<BeginInvokeSynchronousActionMethod>b__41()
       at System.Web.Mvc.Async.AsyncResultWrapper.<>c__DisplayClass8`1.<BeginSynchronous>b__7(IAsyncResult
       at System.Web.Mvc.Async.AsyncResultWrapper.WrappedAsyncResult`1.End()
       at System.Web.Mvc.Async.AsyncResultWrapper.End[TResult](IAsyncResult asyncResult, Object tag)
       at System.Web.Mvc.Async.AsyncControllerActionInvoker.EndInvokeActionMethod(IAsyncResult asyncResult)
       at System.Web.Mvc.Async.AsyncControllerActionInvoker.<>c__DisplayClass37.<>c__DisplayClass39.<BeginInvokeActionMethodWithFilters>b__33()
       at System.Web.Mvc.Async.AsyncControllerActionInvoker.<>c__DisplayClass4f.<InvokeActionMethodFilterAsynchronously>b__49() InnerException: PayPal.Exception.ConnectionException
       Message=Invalid HTTP response The remote server returned an error: (503) Server Unavailable.
            at PayPal.HttpConnection.Execute(String payLoad, HttpWebRequest httpRequest)


I worked a lot with PayPal and I found out hard way what the best way is using just their “REST” api (note the “”). I cannot post solution I made due to “not divulgation” agreement, but Trust me, just finish move SDK to trash and start with their POST api and “back POST” apis. It’s way simpler.

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