Moving large dataset across django databases

What's the best way to move large dataset from one django database to another?

I would like to do this at high level (in django) and not at the database level. All the existing tools that I know of (dumpdata/loaddata, serializer class, django-extensions) are in memory so it doesn't handle large datasets.


I found this post very useful - Migrating Django from MySQL to PostgreSQL the Easy Way.

I had the same problem with several apps/databases, so wrote this script, which is a fork of django's dumpdata, but dumps data in chunks to avoid MemoryError

Script is available at

Example usage:

1) Dump data into many files:

mkdir some-folder

./ dumpdata_chunks your-app-name
--output-folder=./some-folder --max-records-per-chunk=100000

2) Load data from the folder:

find ./some-folder | egrep -o "([0-9]+_[0-9]+)" | xargs ./ loaddata

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