should I return the entire record again as a response from server to a POST when I do $update on an angular resource?

In my factory

return $resource('rest/records/:id', {}, {
        query: {
            method: 'GET',
            isArray: true,
            // RestSQL has an extra struct around the array
            transformResponse: function(data) {
                return angular.fromJson(data).records;
        create: { method: 'POST' },
        update: { method: 'PUT', params: {id: '@id'},

Which is used by a service which is in turn used by a controller.

I get the correct record in the controller.

Then when I edit and want to save the record

I do record.$update();

my rest POST is successful as I get a valid response from server.

But the response from server is just some kind of success message e.g. "{ "number": 2 }".

Now I have an angular template which uses this records properties e.g. {{record.image}}

But as soon as I do record.$update();

records properties disapper and record now simply looks like

record = {"number" : 2}

So should I return the entire record as a response to the POST action or should I update in some other fashion so as to the record doesnt get its properties overwritten by the response from server?

A temporary way of getting around this of course is

$scope.temp = jQuery.extend(true, {}, $scope.record);


I am returning the updated object on POST's, PUT's etc. (see also this: Should a RESTful 'PUT' operation return something) all the time. So,

  • no problem with always returning the updated object in the response
  • don't use tricks and more code to sove a problem that can be solved by applying a very simple solution (in this case, returning the updated object). I love those fixes: Simple solution, problem solved and code removed instead of adding things here and padding things there etc., making code unreadable und unnecessarily complex.

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