IOS7 moving UIView

I have a UIView defined in Interface Builder.

I need to nudge it down if the screenSize is 568.

I can not figure out auto layout. My screen has:

nudgeView iADbanner TabBar

I have my IBOutlet set to nudgeView and figured I could nudge it. So in my viewDidLoad, I am thinking of something like

if(iOSDeviceScreenSize.height == 568){
    [nudgeView setFrameY: 40]; //no idea what this line should look like

which should just move that view down.

iAd and TabBar are aligned to bottom and do the right thing.

So any tips on how I can change the Y on the nudgeView?




if(iOSDeviceScreenSize.height == 568){

  CGRect frame = nudgeView.frame;
  frame.origin.y = 40;
  nudgeView.frame = frame;

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