Double jsvc process

I started tomcat through jsvc as daemon. But after jsvc started, I see double jsvc process. Process had started by with option start:

start   )
-java-home "$JAVA_HOME" \
-java-home /usr/lib/jvm/jre1.7.0_11 \
-user $TOMCAT_USER \
-pidfile "$CATALINA_PID" \
-wait 10 \
-outfile "$CATALINA_OUT" \
-errfile "&1" \
-classpath "$CLASSPATH" \
-Djava.endorsed.dirs="$JAVA_ENDORSED_DIRS" \
-Dcatalina.base="$CATALINA_BASE" \
-Dcatalina.home="$CATALINA_HOME" \"$CATALINA_TMP" \
exit $?


Assuming your question is: Why do I get two processes? This could be because jsvc starts a main daemon process and a child process for the actual work.

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