how to RECEIVE downloadable file from server in AngularJS?

I am sending a downloadable file from backend to AngularJS. Whenever a GET request (with some data as parameters) is made to the "/report" url, the server sends a file that I want to receive in AngularJS. Ideally, a browser should prompt user for saving/opening a file that server sends. So far I have done this:

$scope.getReport = function () {


    var report_url = '/report';
    var some_data = "asdf";

    $http({method:'GET', url:report_url, data=some_data})
    .success(function(data) {


Now I am unable to figure out how to get the file that server sent me.


I created this fiddle for you

Instead of making a get request and waiting for the server to return a file that you want to download you could replace someData with your some_data Tested on Chrome, Firefox and IE9.

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