how to convert a dataframe to a list and write to file

I am trying to extract information from bioconductor GO database, but am having problems exporting data I can use for further processing and analysis.

I have a list of 24 affyIDs (called sig) and access the database as such:


Ideally I would like the file output to be written as:

1415670_at.GO:0016192.GOID  GO:0016192
1415670_at.GO:0016192.Evidence  IEA
1415670_at.GO:0016192.Ontology  BP


but am having issues getting beyond the first few elements to be written with this

write.table(unlist(GO[sig[1:13]]), file='b.txt',sep='\t',row.names=T,quote=F)

going beyond the 13th element does not work and print out

1   GO:0001701
2   IMP
3   BP
4   GO:0006499
5   IMP
6   BP

This is from

write.table(unlist(GO[sig[1:14]]), file='b.txt',sep='\t',row.names=T,quote=F)

Any ideas, help would be greatly appreciated

Many thanks



Thanks for all the replies, but I managed with the following code:

write.table(links(x[sig]), file='b.txt',sep='\t',row.names=F,quote=F)

Again, sig is a list of AffyIDs. My table ends up:

probe_id    go_id   Evidence
1415670_at  GO:0016192  IEA
1415670_at  GO:0006810  IEA
1415670_at  GO:0006886  IEA
1415670_at  GO:0015031  IEA
1415671_at  GO:0006810  IEA

And this is great fr further analysis!

Might as well ask questions about Bioconductor packages on the Bioconductor mailing list. Remember to load the library


and make sure your R is not too old (The result of my R.version.string is "R version 3.0.2 Patched (2014-01-02 r64626)").

One approach is to use the select interface on these data bases

## discovery
keytypes(mouse4302.db)      ## how to query
columns(mouse4302.db)       ## what to retrieve

here are some ids.

eid <- head(keys(mouse4302.db, keytype="PROBEID"))

and the GO identifiers associated with those ids, returned as a simple data.frame

xx <- select(mouse4302.db, eid, "GO", keytype="PROBEID")

Here we write out the data

write.table(xx, file=tempfile(), sep="\t", row.names=FALSE, quote=TRUE)

Here's an introductory workflow for working with annotations.

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