Secure Solr instance on AWS server using http basic authentication

I am trying to secure an AWS server with http basic auth. Having put an .htaccess file pointing to an .htpasswd file in /opt/bitnami/apache2/htdocs it only secures the page. The subdirectory is still accessible without authentication.

I tried to put the .htaccess file in the following places but it did not secure the access: /opt/bitnami/apache-solr/solr/ /opt/bitnami/apache-solr/solr-webapp/webapp (where admin.html for the GUI)

So my question is where to put the .htaccess file to secure the GUI access and also only allow http basic auth-protected queries on its cores.


Apparently, I cannot protect it via htaccess, instead, http base auth is provided by Jetty configuration as explained in Jetty realm example.

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