Passing variable to another Python Script


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writetoBOT takes 2 arguments: self and instruct. call it with a Testgui instance:


If you want to call it with Testgui class, you still need to pass an instance of Testgui:

Testgui.writetoBOT(tgui, l)

Alternatively, you can make common space for this two scripts, it acn by database - sqllite

For example,

import sqlite3

con = sqlite3.connect('messages.db')
cur = con.cursor()
#cur.execute('CREATE TABLE message (id INTEGER PRIMARY KEY, name TEXT, content TEXT, read INTEGER)')

for x in range(100000):
    if x in range(1, 500): 
        cur.execute('INSERT INTO message (id, name, content, read) VALUES(NULL, "Guido", "van Rossum", 0)')

import sqlite3
import time

con = sqlite3.connect('messages.db')
cur = con.cursor()

def listen():
    messages = cur.execute('SELECT * FROM message WHERE read=0')
    if not messages:
        return False 
    for m in messages: 
        print 'get message ', m
        cur.execute("UPDATE message SET read=1 WHERE id=?", m[0])        
        print 'update db'
    return True

while True: 

You declared Testgui as a class. This is to be understood as a skeleton or wireframe (beware, this is a shortcut, not the reality). You need to first create a "real" object out from this skeleton in order to use it.


It is possible in classes to have methods (bound functions) that apply at class level. These are called static methods or class methods. They have to be decorated in python.

See for more information.

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